Our Lake Trip In Pictures: Day One

Warning this is a heavy photo blog. We had so much fun. We did a lot of boating, which everyone really enjoyed.

Uncle Na and L getting ready for a boat trip.

We went to a beach, which the kids really enjoyed. They loved collecting rocks and…

… swimming (walking out to) with Uncle Na.

Actually J was so daring that Uncle Na had to rescue him once.

J was able to drive the boat, not just steering but also the throttle thingy (I’m not a boater, can you tell). He had so much fun that he wouldn’t take his hand off of the throttle thingy (?). Plus it was fun for us. One minute we would be going super fast and the next at a complete stop. He was only allowed to do that once though. Then he was shown what to do and told to basically keep it where it is.

A simple shot of Ms. L enjoying the ride.

After our boat ride we returned to the house to rest and get ready for dinner. I filled up some water guns and played pwewwie (sp?) guns with J (that’s what J calls it), he’s all boy!

He is so stinkin cute, but two days without a nap will make even the cutest and most well-behaved boys go crazy. I’ll be back later with Day Two. It’s nap time.


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