We’re off on a little jaunt

We’ve been invited to go to the Lake of the Ozarks tomorrow and Wednesday so we will be gone for a bit. Out of touch for a while. Out gallivanting around. Just the kids and I though, JT won’t be able to make it, he has to work. BOOO!!! HISSS!!! But we do need to eat when we get back so I suppose staying home to make money isn’t all bad. We will miss him terribly but we shall charge onward towards fun. Trust me he will have some fun of his own while we are gone. Home alone, without a nagging wife and two toddlers. I am sure he will make do. My mom, her friend, my brother, me and my two kids will all be in attendance. So I won’t be one man down on the kid front I will have 6 more hands. It will be lovely.

I’m off to pack… yikes!!! I don’t organize very well in short periods of time, I usually need at least a week’s notice. I’ll do my best, all for the sake of a little boating and water fun. Ta Ta!!

Oh did I mention it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and maybe Wednesday. I am currently praying to all gods that we have nice weather.


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