Shake your Groove Thing

I was reading a post over at BooMama the other day about the reality TV show on TLC called Rock the Reception (it’s in casting call stage). I watched the YouTube video of her friend and his new wife dance at their reception (check it out on her blog). It’s hysterical. So I started googling dances at weddings. Here are two videos I found to be quite funny and hope you will agree.

You have to let the video go for one minute then you will hear the change in music. This is pretty funny. That dad is definitely a good sport.

Then there’s this one… this wait time is 1:33 then it gets good.

The groom is hilarious. Very well done. At least I thought so. That poor bride had to do the robot… I cannot do the robot and always look ridiculous when I try.

Okay one more.. here is a rock the reception that is so funny and well done.

All I can say is who hasn’t wanted to be able to dance like this just once in their lives and Check out the guests’ faces. It’s truly priceless.

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2 thoughts on “Shake your Groove Thing

  1. hotomom says:

    OMG that one was hysterical. I love that one.

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