Father’s Day

Well we had a fabulous Father’s Day… did you? We let JT sleep late and then opened presentS: new iced tea maker (he’s an iced tea addict), some tea and the kids made him some foam magnetic frames for his filing cabinet at work. We had breakfast and then we created an outdoor paradise including pool. It was very nice. Yesterday was hot but in the shade it was wonderful. There was even a breeze and the humidity was kept at bay. The kids swam and we sat with our feet in the pool just relaxing.

Here’s a picture of our oasis (click to enlarge):

 (please ignore the other crap in the backyard, I’m working on it)

Then it was nap time so we came inside got cleaned up and JT watched soccer and baseball (sports nut) while I scrapbooked. All in all it was a win win situation for all involved… kids swam, JT watched sports and I scrapbooked. Ahhhh!!! Back to reality today.

Oh did I mention I broke my toe. Yeah I was in the basement and ran into the L’s tricycle. It’s pretty nasty looking. But it’s the 5th time I’ve broken a toe (once was the week I was getting married) so I am used to it. I do a lot of running into things. 🙂

  I’ll survive. Hope you had a good day.


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Erika says:

    Ouch! You and I are soul sisters, I tell ya. My toes are in mortal danger every day– I think my current total is 7 broken toes and one broken foot (All separate occassions. I’ve broken the same toe 3 times! My poor feet). Happy hobbling!

  2. hotomom says:

    YEA!!! I’ve never had a sister (saying all stupidly)!!! 🙂
    Yeah it’s pretty pathetic really but it’s getting better. Today I had to wear shoes… yikes did it hurt but I just keep on truckin.

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