Parish Picnics

  How do you feel about parish picnics? Are they really for everyone? Or are they just for the people who attend that school/church? I discovered a massive/awesome one near our house and we really would like to take the kids because of all the small kid rides and games but is it appropriate to just show up to these? How would they really know but I guess if they paid for it for their parishioners and students then should we just crash? I always assumed people were welcome. What’s your opinion?

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3 thoughts on “Parish Picnics

  1. Nicole says:

    I think they’re for everyone. I’m sure you have to pay for the rides and everything when you get there, so I would think that their opinion is the more the merrier!

  2. Hotomom says:

    Yeah we didn’t go to the Parish Picnic. It was $26.00 for food and rides and stuff. So we passed and went for ice cream instead.

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