One of my favorite people

My cousin E is one of my most favorite people. She was and still is someone to look up to. She is free spirited and happy, out of all my friends who have met her, everyone loves her and still asks about her to this day. She reminds me so much of Sarah Jessica Parker, very cute and sweet, always thinking of others and incredibly they have the same mannerisms. Anyway she was in town yesterday and we went to her parents house for a swim party. It was so good to see her. Here’s a picture of the two of us.

Here are 10 fun things about E…

#1 When we were little her younger sister A and I always hung out (A and I are the same age and E is about 2 years older) but she was always cool to us. She never locked us out of her room and she always wanted to hear our stories.

#2 She used to babysit for my brother and I and I would be so excited I wouldn’t be able to sleep so she would come upstairs and talk to me about high school and cheerleading. I wanted to be just like her.

#3 One time when she was dating her now husband she went to Texas to visit him and I practically begged her to be able to stay in her apartment while she was gone and watch the cats. She had already asked her sister A to do but we both ended up sleeping in this tiny one bedroom apartment on the floor.

#4 She was maid of honor at my wedding.

#5 A party follows her wherever she goes. She is ALWAYS the life of the party with her smile and contagious laugh.

#6 Her husband is in the Air Force and when they were stationed in San Antonio Texas I went to visit them and had a BLAST! Like I said fun follows her, but when we were there she was showing me her new tattoo and we just up and decided to go get a brand new for me too. It was definitely a memory day.

#7 She is the best listener. She will sit and show interest and doesn’t take her eyes off of you when you talk.

#8 L and E share a birthday and when my mom called to tell her she actually teared up. Isn’t that sweet.

#9 I don’t have sisters so her and her sister are the closest thing I ever had to sisters because they lived so close growing up. My other cousins all lived far away growing up so I had the opportunity to grow really close to them.

#10 She’s a fabulous cook, just like her mom.

E if you read this we miss you and love you!! Be safe in your journey back home.

One thought on “One of my favorite people

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