Just pathetic really!!

   Yes I am describing myself. Since I had children I have become an emotional mess. I hate sappy stuff and yet I am one big crybaby. Case in point, the other day we were watching the evening news while preparing dinner and they were showing a graduation ceremony recap from colleges all over the US. I was crying! Yes that’s right, crying! Did I know any of them? NO! I was thinking about how proud their parents must be of them and how someday that will be me. I was almost too embarrassed to handle it, I didn’t even let JT know that I was crying.

Here’s another example: all last week L went to gymnastics camp at the Y and she hated it. She hated it so much that she practically begged me everyday before I dropped her off to take her home. It broke my heart. I would have a lump in my throat everyday when I dropped her off but I still made her go – you know I paid a ton of money and we have to finish through with what we start, the whole teaching a lesson thing. But in the end I didn’t make her attend the last day. I’m a huge sucker for crocodile tears, no matter what.

So I pray and hope that I am not the only one out there that is like this… but watch this video and tell me, did you cry or just say Ahhhh! Oh and check out my friend Mae’s post about her little girl’s first bus trip… CRACKED ME UP!!!

This one gets me everytime.

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One thought on “Just pathetic really!!

  1. Anna says:

    I hate Hallmark. 😉 I always cry. And Folgers! How can you not cry when the son comes home for Christmas and makes coffee for everyone??!!

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