Friday = Bad Day!!

Friday was just an all around bad day. When I finally cheered up from my morning errands I started to clean up my house. While doing so, the tornado sirens started. I tried to get a hold of JT because the lovely thing about storms and a dish – they really don’t go hand in hand so I had no idea what was going on. We really need one of these. JT was standing in the elevator banks waiting for the storm to pass. I figured they wouldn’t be going off if it wasn’t serious (it’s a block away people, you can really hear that dang thing). I grabbed the kids shoes plus my own and the dogs, kids and I hung out in our pitch black basement for 15 minutes. I had remembered to grab the phone but yet not the flashlight (the 1 out of 20 that works). In case you were wondering to yourself about the pitch black part, my brother’s electric has been off for a while and he unfortunately is paying to light the basement (laundy in the pitch black is fun) well not right now anyway. The storm passed without harm to us or our house so we returned upstairs. It was just a tad stressful.

Then I talked to JT’s sister-in-law (TT) today and she and JT’s brother (RT) were driving to pick up their daughter. They were near 55/270 intersection when their car hyproplaned. They were in a horrible accident, totaled their car. Their airbags released and the passenger side took the brunt (from what I understand). TT has some serious bruising and swelling, they thought she broke a rib but luckily she is recovering and doing well, just a lot of pain. RT was also very lucky and walked away with a sore back. We are very grateful that they are okay and that the kids weren’t with them.

The bad day news just keeps rolling in. All in all not a day I would like to relive anytime soon.


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