Our Little Ballerina – Take 2

L loves her dance class – ALOT and that’s an understatement. She can’t wait every Saturday to put on her tights and leotard.

Last Thursday was her dance recital. They did a tap routine to Rockin Robin. It was so adorable because at 4 they just do the best they can. All the girls get a little starstruck from time to time during the routine and stop what they are doing to stand perfectly still and stare at the crowd. The poor teacher gets a bigger workout than they do, but it’s still adorable.

Our video turned out really well (I am having a hard time getting our camcorder to download video to my pc) but our pictures turned out really bad. I will still scrapbook them though, how can I not.

After her recital we went to this awesome little bar/restaurant called 3 Monkeys for dinner with my mom. We all had a lot of fun. It was a nice family night out.

Here are some pictures from that night:

 Here’s L (3rd from left) with some of her little ballerina friends.

 Perfect example of one of those ridiculously blurry photos.

Oh well at least we got it on video. She can enjoy it for years to come. In fact when she’s a famous ballerina (I can dream can’t I) and she is appearing on stage in The Nutcracker or Swan Lake, I can show her just how she started her career.


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