L’s first collection

My mom started this really cute collection of Momiji Friendship Dolls for L when she was 2. I love these and being that L is a 1/3 Japanese it seems very fitting. She has just a couple but until now I thought the only place you could purchase these were at our Botanical Gardens or online through their website. But now Uncommon Goods (one of my favorite webstores) has them. I “heart” the little one holding a butterfly, “smiling”. She is so cute and her little description says: Sweet dizzy girl you make me always smiling. I like gingerbread and tap dancing. Yeah the phrasing and descriptions are a little strange and far fetched but they are still fun.

Here’s a picture of L’s collection:

 (From left to right)

#1 Happy Happy Happy: Always when we dancing, oh boy! I’m happy happy happy! I like chocolate cake. #2 Luckyness: When you close by me I know there is so much luckyness. I like yoga, giraffes and milkshakes (always strawberry). #3 Peaches: Take it Easy! Life is Peaches. I like marmite and Jackie Chan. #4 Cherries: There’s no nicer thing than a day with you. At the zoo. I like collecting buttons and Elton John. #5 Rainbows: Look at the rainbows! They know a secret. I like shopping, fashion and long division.

Little sidenote: I was looking around Uncommon Goods tonight for father’s day gifts for my dad or JT (didn’t find anything) but check out this booster seat. It cracks me up, could you imagine showing up somewhere with this without an explanation, the looks you would get would be priceless.

Tinier sidenote: Did you see the advertisement for ABC’s “I Survived A Japanese Game Show”? I can’t wait to see this. One of my favorite searches on YouTube is Funny Japanese Game Shows. Check some of them out. I swear some of them will make you laugh so hard you cry.

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