Y do I torture myself?

 So once again I am upset with our local YMCA. They can never seem to get their crap together. L started their Lil Flippers camp today and I hadn’t received any communication on what she needed or if she had to wear anything specific so I called last Friday and spoke to one of the front desk personnel. They informed me that she didn’t need anything and that a snack would be provided. Fine, good, perfect. So we woke up this morning I put her in sweat shorts and a t-shirt (nice and comfy for tumbling), put her hair in pigtail braids (wouldn’t come out while tumbling and would stay out of her face) and sandals (because that way she would be barefoot for class and she can get them on and off by herself). We show up and they inform me that sandals aren’t a good idea for the future because they will be playing outside so that would mean that they would also need sunscreen and bottled water. Yeah that’s right – she needed #1 bottled water #2 tennis shoes and #3 sunscreen. Good to know. So I had to dig for change in order to get her a bottled water from the vending machine and the other two well I pray she doesn’t get a sunburn and she’ll make it in her sandals for one day, I hope.

What a pain. So I am thoroughly annoyed but yet I still have to talk to one of the directors about her dance class registration (when I paid on Friday they of course took my check and placed her in the class but there weren’t any forms). I approach the front desk and ask for the guy I need to talk to and they say well our paging system isn’t working can I get your name and number on this sheet of paper and he will call you back. Yeah sure, why not. I’m just here anyway (I could’ve called and done the exact same thing). I swear, I know why I go back, they are close and they have some good programs but if they could get the communication thing down, it would be a whole lot easier for everyone involved, especially since I am entrusting them with my child on a weekly basis.

While I am on the subject, my life is going to be absolutely insane for the next couple of weeks. Here’s how it breaks down (why did I do this to myself).

Monday June 2nd – Friday 6th: L is in Lil Flippers from 9:00 to 12:00

Tuesday June 3rd: J is in his Lil Einsteins Playgroup from 9:00 to 12:00

Did you notice that both kids are someplace on opposite sides of STL on Tuesday at the same time? Yeah I did too. Luckily JT can work from home tomorrow and help me out by borrowing my mom’s car.

Monday June 9th – Friday June 13th: L has Vacation Bible School from 9:00 to 12:00 everyday

Tuesday June 10th: J has Lil Einsteins Playgroup from 9:00 to 12:00

Yep Tuesday again, Thank you this time for my mom. She is off on Tuesday and can help me pick up and drop off L. (I really shouldn’t be complaining, a whole morning to myself).

Monday June 16th – Friday June 20th: WE ARE FREE!!! I will probably schedule some playdates for the kids.

Tuesday June 17th: J has playgroup (no worries this week)

Monday June 23rd – Friday June 27th: L has art camp at the Y from 9:00 to 12:00

Tuesaday June 24th: J has playgroup (thanks again to my mom)

July and August: swim lessons

Saturdays: dance class

WOW!!! That’s alot but at least I won’t be hearing “I’m bored” a whole lot.


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