Some more adorable pictures

In the post below I entered a picture of J into a contest over at 5 Minutes for Mom titled “The Kid In You” and I wanted to post some of the other ones and tell the whole story. He’s just so darn cute and all boy! My mom is having a huge koi fish pond installed in her backyard and we had to transplant all of her plants and stone walkway to other parts of her yard (and mine) but all this work left behind a big sand pit which of course J can’t resist. Here are some pictures….

You just know he’s thinking “maybe if I leave my legs out of the sand she won’t yell at me”. He was all bathed and dressed nice for dinner that night (we were being introduced to my brother’s new girlfriend). He always does this with his tongue while concentrating on something.

I can’t resist those bright blue eyes. He gets them from his Papa.

Eventually those legs made it into the sand and by the end of a lovely evening he was a mess. At least he was entertained all night and didn’t whine or bug us. That in my opinion is a great evening.


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