I fought the law and the law won

No pictures today… just lots of ranting. SORRY!!

I won’t do it, at least not yet… I absolutely refuse to turn our air conditioning on. I don’t know about you but I am enjoying the $50 electric bill vs. the $100 or over we had this winter. The weather has been cooperating so far but when it gets famously humid here I just turn on an oscillating fan in the playroom and it keeps our living area nice and cool. Good enough. I am being way more frugal this year and trying to save money wherever I can. Especially since I had to go to Traffic Court on Tuesday. That’s right Traffic Court and I had to pay $97 in court costs. I have a bit of a lead foot, it’s a fact known to all of those that love and know me but alas that is not what got me my appointment in Traffic Court. I haven’t told anyone the story because it infuriates me but since I have paid my debt now I am a little less peeved.

Anyway on April 25th I was taking JT to work and there was a police car in the middle of the road so I signaled to get over (around him) and needed to get back over right away because of my turn coming up, right as I was getting over (with my signal on) he turned proceeded to enter traffic without any warning just cut everyone off and sped into traffic, well I had my signal on and got in front of him (cutting him off, but not meaning too) and he pulled me over. That’s not the worst part, on my list of errands that day was to get my license renewed because while we were on vacation my license expired, but I was told I had 30 days or something like that, anyway I got two tickets… one for my license and one for not using a turn signal (BS, I did) so I tell him when he pulls me over that I know I used my signal, I know I did, I always do. Well because I was raising my voice he called for back-up. Yeah I am a huge threat in my minivan, dropping my husband off at work and my kids in their carseats watching the Wiggles. I understand that they don’t know who I am but I don’t even have a mark on my record, or points off of my license. He was a jerk too. So I go to court to fight the tickets and the judge dismisses them without even talking to me. Which was fine. It gets better, JT went with me to Traffic Court for support and he sees a lady he used to work with, while I was paying my fine (basically court costs, $48.50 each ticket, it could’ve been way more expensive) they started talking and she had been pulled over by the same police officer and that’s why he was in the middle of the road, giving her a ticket for guess what… the same thing, not using her turn signal, which she says she did. Can you believe it? He pulled two of us over within minutes of each other for the exact same thing and we both KNOW we used our blinkers. What a creep. The funny part is she saw him pull us over and she knows that I used my blinker, I guess he met histicket quota that day.

Okay now that I have told all of you about my lovely experience I am over it. I will now let it go. I will finally be free from the anger I have felt over this for over a month. Ultimately the law/system wins everytime, you either pay the court costs or you pay for the tickets. At least my money goes towards good things in the city like the Domestic Violence Fund, Crime Victims Fund and the Peace Officer Training.

2 thoughts on “I fought the law and the law won

  1. Erika says:

    Say it with me: “Serenity Now!”

    I’m cracking up over that cop calling for backup. You are clearly a threat to the community.

  2. hotomom says:

    I know right. When we saw the backup I started to get a little concerned and didn’t talk back again. Could you see me in cuffs up against our car. JT would have been furious and would’ve probably ended up in cuffs too.

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