Big Day in the Hoto House

I am not sure which arrival I should talk about first because we had too big arrivals in our house today.

The first arrival came in the form of a small UPS envelope. That’s right my brand new book the creative family has arrived. Remember I won this awesome book on Ali Edwards’ blog. I am was so psyched when I received it today and she included a little note which I will probably scrapbook (since #1 I am a dork and #2 this is the first time I ever won anything). Here’s a pic:

Then we had another HUGE delivery. J’s big boy bed. It was such a fun day setting up his room differently and rearranging furniture. He loves his new bed and went to bed like this was nothing new to him. He and L spent all day and night playing on it. It has perfect timing too because the last week or so he’s been climbing out in the morning and meets JT in the living room. He never crawled out if it was still dark out though so that’s good.

Here’s a picture of his last night in his crib. He’s waving good-bye to his baby years (not really, I will keep him a baby as long as I can).

Here’s his new bed. It’s so awesome. Everything fits in his room now. All the furniture is perfect and I am so happy with the way his room turned out. I still have some things I want to do in there. I have to get the rest of his train track and wheels up around the edge near the top, I want a mirror over his dresser and I need a lamp under the bed (near the TV) but otherwise, it’s looking good.

I love creating new spaces in my house. When I do it’s all organized and clean, it makes me want to be in there all the time.

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