The lights went out in Georgia (not really… just here)

Okay if you live in STL and are sick of rain, raise your hand. Yeah me too.

Last night we were sitting and enjoying reruns of our new favorite show (Design Star, I’m all about reality tv shows), the kids were in bed, in short we were relaxed, enjoying our evening. But then this obnoxious storm moves through the area at 9:45 pm and knocks our lights out and that’s a really big deal when your kids sleep with fans (we live on a busy/loud street). Both of them woke up scared as snot and shaking (??? it works, at least I didn’t cuss) I felt so sorry for them. We called the power company and they informed us it would be on by 5:30 am, some cuss words later we concluded it was going to be a rough night. Around 10:45 pm we decided to make beds on the living room floor because it was getting hot fast in our house and the living room is the coolest room. We took L’s trundle mattress, for L and I,  J’s crib mattress for him of course and JT slept on the couch. We were all drifting off to sleep and we were all quite comfortable…. then the power turned on, yep at 11:15 pm. That’s a good thing unless your children still want to sleep with you but now in your cramped queen bed. So I took the kids to bed with me and JT stayed on the couch. I was up all night. Feet in my ribs, hair in my mouth, stiff neck… nightmare! Around 5:00 am the storms started again and woke both of them up, they were easily soothed by the fact they were sleeping next to me. It was the worst night’s sleep I can remember. These weren’t just your typical storms either, they flooded roads, knocked down trees and shook the windows and our house with the thunder. Now today it’s still rainy (no Gypsy Caravan for us) and there’s a cold front coming through tomorrow.

I want to move!!! Or at least get a bigger bed!


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