My latest scrapbooking project

I finally finished my 2007 year in review scrapbook. Wanna see? I am really proud of the whole thing. It’s a pretty picture heavy post so I apologize to those non-scrapbookers out there. Here is a picture of the album it’s an 8 1/2 x 8 1/2. I am really not sure what I should put in the front picture holder. Because in this album will be 2007 and 2008 (haven’t started 2008 yet). If you are interested in any of the products I used just let me know.

           I am really disappointed with the title page so I will probably redo it but for now, it’s finished so I will just let it be for a while.

I bought these tags in the album on etsy from elle’s studio. When I bought them I didn’t check the year so I had to go through and take black magic marker to all of the 2008’s and then find some adornment for each one. I made it work. Also I am really weird about names and pictures being out there of my kids, so I blacked out all names in the book. I started out writing the journaling and then that was ugly so I went to typing them out and adding the kids ages was getting monotonous so I quit after a couple of pages.

January reads: Still making bottles, Clifford books, Pretty new coat, Ah-Ah the sock monkey, Babysitting Elise and a couple inches of snow.

February reads: Bought a new minivan; Decorated Valentines; Potty trained L.

March reads: L moved to a big girl bed, C’s birthday party, Cousin S came to town for a visit, J no longer takes a bottle and FINALLY some warm weather.

April reads: Easter, L’s 3rd birthday, Trip to the lake of the Ozarks with the S’s.

May reads: Opened our new pool and swam for the first time this year. Mother’s Day. Played with L’s new easel. Visited the Botanical Gardens with the E’s. L’s last day of Mom’s Day Out and Celebrated M & P’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.

June reads: Visited the Museum of Transportation, Played in the backyard, Found great grandma and great grandpa’s headstone, Father’s Day and P & N’s, Great River Road excursion with M & P, Aunt P, E’s and G, lunch at the Loading Dock (p’s favorite restaurant on the river).

July reads: Fourth of July at the E’s (J tried the slip n slide for the first time); T family wedding in Huntsville, Alabama; Baby R was born; Swimming at Aunt P’s; Butterfly House and Carousel with Cousin S.

August reads: Cousin C’s bridal shower; S and A M visit from Texas; Swim Party for K’s birthday at Aunt P and Uncle D’s; Hanging out on mom and dad’s bed; J turns 2!!! 8-29-07; Seeing and sitting in a fire truck for the first time.

September reads: Birthday celebration for J and Aunt P and Uncle D’s; Cousin C’s wedding; Birthday celebration for J with the T’s; JT birthday celebrated at Monkey Joes; L started preschool; L started ballet/tap dance class at the Y.

October reads: Visited Eckert’s Belleville Farm to pick pumpkins and ride some ponies; Went with L on her first field trip to Stuckmeyer’s Farm and Market; Our beloved P or P as you two called him died on October 20, 2007; Carved pumpkins; had a picnic at Bee Tree Park; I was room mom for L’s preschool Halloween party; Celebrated Halloween with Na, N and P, J was a monkey and L was a witch.

November reads: E’s birthday party; Christmas pictures at Willmore Park; L’s Thanksgiving Party at Preschool; Christmas Tree Lighting and Macy’s Window display downtown; Thanksgiving Day Parade; Thanksgiving at Aunt P and Uncle D’s; Putting Christmas lights up with G and Daddy.

December reads: L’s School Program 12/9; 6 inches of snow 12/16; Gardenland Express train display at the Botanical Gardens 12/17; L’s first ballet recital 12/20 (pictured with teacher Ms. J); Christmas with the T’s 12/23; Christmas Eve at N and P’s; Christmas Day at Home.

I know this is a long post but I am really proud of this album and I can’t wait to work on 2005, 2006 and 2008. Now if I could only muster the courage to work on my Disney trip. I haven’t had any break throughs or thoughts on how to do it yet. But that’s my next big project. Thanks for looking.


5 thoughts on “My latest scrapbooking project

  1. Mutha Mae says:

    I am also a cropper but rarely get time to work on albums unless I can go to a crop.

  2. hotomom says:

    Ooh we’ll crop together. Won’t that be fun! Probably all talk and no design 🙂 That’s fun too though.

  3. Cali says:

    I don’t know how you have time to finish all those scrapbook projects. You must have a team of ghost-scrappers. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working. Layouts look great.

  4. hotomom says:

    Wow thanks!! I really appreciate it. I do a lot at night after the kids go to bed.

  5. I love this! I got scrapbook stuff for Christmas (right before I met you, actually!) and I am at a loss as to where I should start. I like your way of doing it month by month, and getting some of the everyday stuff in there too. This is great!!

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