Out of the mouths of my babes

I am sitting here not feeling well (stupid allergies) and just veggin on the pc here’s what I hear…

L: Now J I am going to have mommy put this clip in my hair and you say pretty clip, Ok?

(I put the clip in her hair, she walks over to J)

L: Now tell me pretty clip

J: Petty cwip wa wa (that’s what he calls L)

L: Thank you J, I just bought it at Target, I love Target, I like to go there all the time.

This has become her response to everything. Uncle Na commented on how much he loved her new shoes last night and what did she say “Thank you I got them at Target”, ah no, try again… we got them that day at Old Navy. She is obsessed with Target. I forsee mom and daughter shopping excursions for many years to come.

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