Top Chef Fans

Does anyone out there like Lisa? We are currently watching the Restaurant Wars episode and I want to duct tape her mouth shut. We cannot stand her. Stop blaming everyone for your mistakes and step up to the plate, accept responsibility for your own actions. There I am done, I feel better, at least until she opens her mouth again.

Erika if you read this, I am interested to hear what you and Terry think.


3 thoughts on “Top Chef Fans

  1. Sorry, this isn’t about Top Chef but I wanted to respond to a question you left on my blog. I get the bags at Schnucks and i love them. They come in black or red, there might be other options at different stores but at least that’s what they carry at mine. They hold as much as like three plastic bags if you pack them full. Plus your stuff doesn’t get mushed when you pick the bag up because it keeps its shape pretty well.

  2. hotomom says:

    Thanks Tara I really appreciate it. I really want to start using these. The plastic bags are a pain, but I do recycle them now back at the store, so at least I am getting rid of them in a good way.

  3. Erika says:

    Dude. Hate her. HATE her. I was so sure that she would be gone after this week, and I’m pissed– not only because I liked Dale, but also because I also really, really hate smarmy, slimy Spike, and now either he or Lisa has to make it to the finale. Terry has disliked Dale for a while, but even he wasn’t really happy with last night’s epi. Arg. I’m so MAD (why am I so invested in this show, that is the real question).

    Oh, and listen to this: you know how we cancelled our satellite, but then they basically gave us some free channels for four months rather than let us cancel entirely? Well, we thought we were still getting Bravo, but it’s apparently on free preview right now and the preview will end next week. So I won’t get to see the finale of Top Chef, or the next Project Runway series when it starts. This is really testing my willpower. It’s so sad and pathetic that I was all ready to have no tv at all, but now that we have ~some~ tv, it’s unacceptable to me that we’re not going to have Bravo.

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