Things I found while out exploring the world (techno & real)

Cruising the internet today and found some fun stuff (only because I am putting off my housework as long as possible).

  1. I found this on Don’t Try This At Home’s blog; What’s your personal DNA mine is: I am an advocating visionary. Wanna find out what yours is take the quiz here.
  2. Kaboose – a really great website with crafts and recipes for fun. I used some of their recipes for my Fun Recipes page up on top.
  3. 15 Places Every Kid Should See – found this in Yahoo’s Travel section. Very interesting, I think this should be my own personal list since I have only seen 4 of them.
  4. In honor of my nutrition class I found this information. It’s quite an interesting article on portion size/control.
  5. Wow wish I was like this mom with her super awesome bento box lunches.

Then in other news… I purchased a magazine (I know big surprise) and it was chock full of great organization stuff. Here are some pics of stuff I put in my “house” file (you know a file with dream ideas for a house someday).

 Who doesn’t want a reading nook like this. You could have one under your stairs and the color on the walls is totally awesome. I am in love with this nook.

 Such an awesome and clever way to store your silverware. Imagine opening this all organized and being able to find what you want to use right away.

 I adore this storage system, having a nice and organized place for your towels would be simply lovely. You should see my linen closet in my bathroom, nevermind you don’t want too.

 And finally my dream craft room/office would look exactly like this. I can dream can’t I?!

Well that’s all for now. I am off to explore some more. Have a good night!


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