Back in the summer of 1990

I was 14 years old and in love with 5 boys from the music world (I was in love with them before 90 but this is the year I was able to attend their concert). If you are in your early 30s you know who I am talking about. They made an appearance on the Today Show this morning… NKOTB!! I sat and watched in awe. I cannot believe it has been that long. My daughter who is 4 doesn’t know what the fuss is all about, not even my husband who is 9 1/2 years older than me understands. Only a select few, my cousin O (pull out that t-shirt which will now be a fashionable baby tee) and my cousin A (get your pillowcase out baby, they’re BACK), I’ll get my Donnie, Jordan, Jonathan, Joey & Danny action figures out of storage (these are “Barbies” L will not be allowed to play with). Sadly no concert dates for STL yet but I am going to be checking everyday. They said that Chicago IL sold out in 10 minutes so I can only imagine what would happen here. But A & O consider this a date set in stone. We are so there!!! By the way, JT can’t stop making fun of me, you know what he can kiss it because these guys were in my life before him. 🙂

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One thought on “Back in the summer of 1990

  1. Mutha Mae says:

    Yo yo yo. Could you email me our teacher’s information? I want to get permission so I can shoot her next week. And by shoot I mean shoot video. I don’t plan to go postal in cooking class. Heh. Eat breakfast yet?

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