Not so crazy after all!!

Up until recently I always considered JT and I crazy. Crazy that is for having only one car. We totally make it work but some days I know it can be frustrating for JT, not having that freedom. We live in the City of St. Louis and are close to all facets of public transit. The metrolink (our light rail system) is only a ten minute drive from our house and JT can catch the metrolink under his building downtown, talk about convenience, plus the money we save is astronomical. It’s a BIG reason/factor I am able to stay home. Not so long ago it was the way it was, my mom tells me when I was a baby they only had one car, back then people didn’t look at you as though you have 4 eyes. Some people even think we are nuts, “Oh I couldn’t do that” or “You guys are crazy, why would you want to do that” simply put because we have to, but now that gas prices are where they are, I am so happy that we are a one car family. We save in gas, insurance, tag renewal costs and ultimately repairs.

Want to see what others say on the topic, Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer wrote an article on BlogHer yesterday. Pretty interesting. I wish I lived in one of those small European communities she mentions sometimes (Erika you are so lucky).


One thought on “Not so crazy after all!!

  1. Erika says:

    We did the one car thing for almost seven years– pre-kids to just before Harper was born. It definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to manage all of the time, but not the end of the world, either. And when I was home with the kids, a second car was an expense that we were just not willing to take on. It’s kind of funny, though– now that we live somewhere where it would be really easy to manage w/ just one (playground, grocery, metro, etc all within walking distance), our schedules are convoluted enough that we have to have two. For now, any way. We’ll see how it goes in the fall being 100% reliant on public transportation and feet. I’m sure it’s not going to seem so fun on like the fortieth day in a row that I had to get up early to walk to campus in the cold rain, lol.

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