Was thinking about Mother’s Day

So I don’t believe that I am a fantastic photographer but when it comes to pictures that mean something to me it’s definitely my kids. They are my number one reason I own a camera.

I tried for 5 years to have our little girl then my son was an extra special surprise, my daughter was only 8 months old when we found out about expecting J so we thought we were so very lucky (really not at the time, but now we do). I quit working to stay home with my kids and there are days we do not get along and there are days that I long for my old job. We fight, they drive me up the wall but this picture (whether it’s good or not) tells me that they are mine and I am bursting with pride to tell everyone that I’m their mom and I wouldn’t have my life be any different.

This is my favorite picture of the 3 of us (you’ll notice it’s also my header). I look at this picture and smile every time.

I feel extremely fortunate to have these two children in my life. Nothing would be the same without them and I worry about them every single moment of every single day.

Mother’s Day isn’t about the presents, it’s about being with these two and JT. At least to me. But, who doesn’t like a surprise every once in a while (wink)!!!


2 thoughts on “Was thinking about Mother’s Day

  1. Mom says:

    Well guess what! I could not be prouder of my adorable collection. I have a gorgeous daughter and a handsome son, both of which I am very proud. My son-in-law is a bonus kid. He’s terrific. My grandchildren are my delight, there are days that I think I cannot be happier because they are here. Bliss!!! Thank you.

  2. hotomom says:

    Thanks MOM!!! You are just as important to us too. We love you time infinity. Thanks for being a part of our lives.

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