Out of control addiction

I have this simple obessesion/addiction. I don’t know a woman that doesn’t, but now I have passed it on to my daughter and not till then was I ever worried it would get out of control. What could my daughter’s new addiction be? SHOES!!!

I am addicted to shoes just as much as the next person. I adore privo shoes made by Clarks, this is a brand I would own one of every style (I am slowly getting there). The cuter and more colorful they are the better. But I am not limited to the expensive brands, I really don’t care how much they are just as long as they are cute and I have something to go with them. Many of you regular readers (all 5 of you) might remember my croc obsession post earlier this year. Yeah it truly is bad. I took a picture of my new shoes just so I could post about them. Here they are, check em out aren’t they adorable in their all lime greenness and the inside is a cute hot pink and talk about comfortable, I’m in love.

Well the other day we went shopping with my mom for some new clothes and some new shoes. My 4 year old daughter walked around the entire shoe department picking up a shoe and commenting about each one. Her comments were very entertaining, “Oooh mommy look at this one, it’s beautiful.” “This one looks comfortable mommy.” “I wish they had this one in my size.” Yeah already at 4. So after my mom found a pair and I found a pair (the pair shown above), L insisted that we walk her over to the kids shoe department. Seriously!!! She was extremely upset that we didn’t buy her any shoes there. My mom promised to take her to Target to get a pair. Target shoes for a 4 year old (even me for that matter) are perfectly acceptable. She doesn’t require $75 shoes. We went to Target and she left with 3 pairs, the next day I went back and got her another pair. The child has more shoes for the summer than I do and she couldn’t be happier.

I know that this is my own doing, I shouldn’t be surprised. I get excited when I buy a new pair of shoes or even more excited when I buy a pair of white tennis shoes and they look all nice and clean on your feet and there’s not a single mark on them. Oooh la la. I have even taken pictures of my daughter in her new white shoes. Every time the kids mark up their shoes I have a little hissy fit (really shouldn’t I let it go) but the worst thing is when my son steps on my new shoes, that really irritates me. But, it’s fine. I am sure they have self help groups out there somewhere. Until then, I really want these shoes, BADLY!!!

Here are some other pictures for you too enjoy. One of my daughter’s white tennis shoes from last year (look how proud she is), one of the shoes in her closet for this summer and the other is her tub of dress up shoes which she has to wear around the house everyday to play in, thank god you can buy these at the dollar store.

If you have any interesting stories about shoes or want to enter a writing contest check out Scribbit’s write-away contest… guess what it’s about.

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5 thoughts on “Out of control addiction

  1. We’ve been looking for a new pair of dress shoes for my five year old and can’t find any right now. At least not at a normal price–it’s like once Easter hit all the children’s dress wear left town.

  2. hotomom says:

    Dress shoes are the worst thing to buy in my opinion. I can never decide what kind to buy. In the summer we stick to sandals. It’s easier that way.

  3. alice gold says:

    You would DIE to see my tennis shoes. They are always trashed after one week.

  4. Daisy says:

    I can still picture my daughter when she was four, wearing her pink saddle shoes and scuffing the toes. They were still adorable.

  5. Love your story! and you are so right! what woman does not love SHOES! 🙂 they make your feet smile all the way up to your face! My daughter (turning 2 next month) also LOVES shoes!!! and anytime we are anywhere with a shoe department (and we love Target also!) she pulls me in holding tightly to one of my fingers and leaning forward to the ground at an angle pulling me with all her might!

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