To Whom It May Concern, Anonymously of course.

Have you ever thought about writing something about a situation that’s happened between you and another person ie: family, but are too afraid they would either take offense if they read your blog, or if they don’t read your blog (how do you really know for sure) what if they found it randomly and then knew that you were talking about them. Oh the pressure. So then you scratch that story from your head but then what do you talk about? It’s hard to have a blog and not talk about everything. I sort of treat it like a diary but I have some major off limit topics.

  • Like family
  • Politics (I’ve dipped my toe a little here)
  • Religion
  • Controversial stars (if you read my blog you will remember the star I am referring too, right O)

So that leaves my kids, food, tv, only nice family stories… etc.

Then there’s the other side to this dilemma, I will go and read someone’s brilliant blog and then want to say the exact same thing but I don’t because I don’t want to be a copycat. For instance I could talk on and on and on about the crap I like to eat but Scribbit did an awesome post about the candy she likes. I enjoyed reading that and would loved to have thought of it first.

So for now you just get some random thoughts. Like my next post.


5 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern, Anonymously of course.

  1. Random can be good 🙂 You never know what can come out of random thoughts, right?

  2. But actually, to address what you’re saying and not be flippant, you’re right. It can be tough knowing where those lines should be. There have been plenty of things I could write, and not even about family but about people that will most likely never read my blog, but that just aren’t that nice. Maybe they deserve it but I’ve kind of said to myself that I never want to post something about someone that I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying with them there in the room. Of course that takes out a lot of good material but then I don’t think that blogging absolves you from decency and courtesy.

  3. hotomom says:

    Thank you for the comments and yes you are right, random can be good. As long as we have a point 🙂

    You are actually one of my blogging influences so thank you for that. I read your blog everyday and wish I had been brilliant enough to come up with the same topics.

  4. bigbinder says:

    I try and steer away from politics and religion just because I think it detracts from the ‘purpose’ of my blog… but I am not always successful. I think as long as I just mention either casually it is OK but if I were to do a full post about either it would alienate some people of my readers.

  5. hotomom says:

    Yeah politics are a scary area unless you have expertise. Why say anything you risk being jumped on.

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