Apparently when you turn 32 you seem to fall apart.

I have not completely recovered from my lung “virus”, I have a searing pain in my right lung under my boob so I should call the doctor but I probably won’t. Then we went to the zoo on Sunday and while reaching into the stroller I felt a really bad tug/tear across the bottom of my back. I deal with back pain on a daily basis so this was not that big of a deal. I have missed two nights of really good sleep (you know the deep kind with the windows open) because of the pain and I am starting to get annoyed, but all in stride. Then today I bent over to pick up some clothes on J’s floor and screamed in pain, tears instantly cascaded down my face and I scared the crap out of my children and my mom (who was over on a ladder painting J’s room for me). It was a horrible pain, a burning/pins sticking in my back/want to crawl into a ball pain. So what I should do is call the doctor and be looked at, but I don’t have time this week. I have something going on everyday this week, so two aleve will “aleviate” the pain for now (not so much). Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but until it either goes away or the pain gets to horrible that I have to go to the doctor, I am heavily relying on my beloved JT and the kids.

I know it’s a boring post but I really have nothing else to talk about right now except my problems. Sorry!!


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