A very accomplished weekend

All done. All 695 pictures are in albums. Miss L helped me this afternoon, what an accomplishment on my part I must say. As a generally lazy person (this is where I clear my throat) this weekend I have been extremely busy. I put those pictures into the albums, I changed the kids closets over to spring/summer clothes, went on an outing to the zoo, walked L to dance class (no small feat for an out of shaped hack as myself – even if I just came home from Disney) and I was able to throw in some shopping here and there, that always makes for a fun weekend :-).

Here is what I spent most of my birthday money… Plus I have about this much more that didn’t make the photo.

Let the scrapbooking commence!!

Oh yeah I almost forgot… When I picked up my pictures tonight and I gave her the name and how many there were the lady at Walgreens was like, OH!!! I was wondering what you would look like. Huh? Then she said what are you going to do with all these pictures. I simply mentioned that it was our vacation photos and that I would be putting them in albums and scrapbooking them. Am I the only one out there? I am sure that I am not.

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4 thoughts on “A very accomplished weekend

  1. froginapot says:

    Wow, you got all 695 photos in a scrapbook album in a day? My hat’s off to you…what an accomplishment.

  2. hotomom says:

    I just want to make sure you all know that the pictures are in your general run of the mill photo album, I am proud but not miraculous. Wouldn’t that be awesome though if I could get a whole scrapbook done in one day. What fun that would be.

  3. bigbinder says:

    HOLY COW.. that is a very impressive accomplishment. My kids lives are still on a disc somewhere.

    I’m glad you had a good time at Disney, and it sounds like your b’day went well 🙂

  4. vhiel says:

    Blog hopping here. check out my contest for mothers day .. i am giving away a kitchen ceramics set consist of salt & pepper shaker and oil/vinegar.

    Hope you can join in..


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