What can I possibly say about today?

This morning we were awakened by what we thought were our dogs freaking out in our room. Roscoe was shaking and scraping out the gate on our door while Rudy was under the bed panting. Like I said we thought it was the dogs, oh no!!! It was an earthquake.. seriously, an earthquake in STL, 5.2 at that. You immediately think it’s the New Madrid but it wasn’t and all is well here, nothing broken, kids didn’t wake up, but I lay awake until 6:00 and then got up an hour later. So I’m pretty tired. But, it is true what they say about animals sensing quakes before we do, our two were more freaked than we were.

Did I mention that it’s my birthday (shameless plug really). I am 32 today. All of the important people in my life have remembered and I went and bought myself some new underwear and a pair of pajamas to celebrate, exciting isn’t it?! Doesn’t it seem like 32 is a better age than 31. 31 seemed so useless to me. You turn 30 and that can be exciting it’s a milestone really. Then 31… BLAH!!! I really hope 32 is much more exciting. I have high hopes for this year.

I haven’t visited the DMV yet because I have yet to find my birth certificate but I have completely cleaned up the house from vacation overload and the suitcases are by the door waiting to go downstairs. So even though I haven’t accomplished the most important task of today at least I’ve achieved something, besides turning 32!! Now if you’ll excuse me, I must find my birth certifcate, go to the DMV and buy my own birthday cake :-)!


One thought on “What can I possibly say about today?

  1. Olivia says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one!

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