Some frightening numbers tonight

Most of you, if not all of you, know that I scrapbook. So with that in mind do you think you can guess how many pictures I took in Disney World and in general on our trip?

973, yup that’s right! So I have to sort them by what I am going to print at home and what I am going to print and put in photo albums.

Okay did the sorting and so now I will be only printing 703. Times that by .15 (Walgreens price if you print 100 or more) and you have a grand total of= $105.45… just to print the pictures that I took in the most magical place on earth.

Did I mention that they were sad to see us go?! We dropped some money there. I don’t believe that we could have hauled anything else home, or at least that’s what JT tells me. L of course had to complete her princess wardrobe, so we purchased a Jasmine costume. I was holding out on this one, call me a prude but I wasn’t so keen on the idea of my daughter’s stomach hanging out, but we were feeling the magic and broke down and purchased said costume at the Magical Kingdom of all places. Here’s a picture of “our” Jasmine in her new costume tonight.

L dressed as Jasmine

Isn’t she lovely. The crown and shoes are part of her previous dress up attire, both just happen to go with the costume. She was highly upset that we didn’t purchase Jasmine’s shoes, luckily these dollar store blue pair saved the day. Thank you dollar store, once again you pulled me out of despair.

So this I am sure sounds like a completely harmless adorable story, but wait it gets better. I am putting the costume on L tonight for the first time since we purchased it, I pull the tag off and noticed that it said Walt Disney World on one side and thought to myself, “I could use this as a tag in the scrapbook I will be making”. Then the horror show, I turned the tag over, it read $64.95!! SERIOUSLY!! Did I really spend that much money on a stupid costume that she will be wearing around the house. I quickly ran to JT to show him and to make sure that I wasn’t perhaps suffering from dyslexia. NO, NO it’s right. He looked at me and couldn’t believe neither of us looked at the tag before buying the ensemble. Did you happen to get a good look at the costume, there’s not much fabric there. Was it made by Abu? Perhaps signed by Jasmine herself? Spun with gold fibers? The outfit she wore in the movie? None of the above. Do you think perhaps if we had known how much it costs we would have put the costume down and walked away and suffered through the tantrum that would have ensued? Probably not who knows now. But the horror would have come sooner, instead of now, a couple days later. Thank god we did not give into her demands and even the drama over not owning a Pocahontas costume. She literally told me that “she just had to have it” (yes she is 4, not 14), I can only imagine what that stupid costume would have cost. So remember next time you pay $40 for the Disney store one, it could be much worse. I have learned a serious lesson here… look before you leap people.

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