Just walked in the door… everything is still sitting in the dining room and we are EXHAUSTED!!! If you were to call me I probably wouldn’t answer. Anyway, I will post about our trip later.

I totally didn’t have time but I meant to post about my little darling and her 4th birthday. It was Saturday the 12th. We were getting our hair done in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and having lunch with Cinderella in her castle. What more could a little 4 year old girl want or need. She received a pin while we were there that told everyone it was her birthday and EVERYONE stopped her to wish her a Happy Birthday all week.

But here’s a belated birthday tribute to my little girl.

“We tried for 5 years to have you. When we found out we were pregnant we both cried out of happiness. The morning sickness was atrocious and I thought daily I was dying instead of just pregnant. When my water broke on Easter morning I couldn’t believe it for two reasons, #1 I didn’t think that the first birth was supposed to be so by the book and #2 I was born on Easter. But lo and behold you did not make it on Easter you missed it by an hour and a half (or so). I was only in labor with you for 6 hours at the most. You came very easily. You were a very happy baby. Always smiling except in the beginning we had such problems with breastfeeding and your GeGe told me to start some formula, your disposition changed so much when we did that, you used to eat so fast that you would choke and stop breathing for seconds at a time but it would feel more like minutes, we even rushed you to the ER once, what can I say you were the first.

You have always been one to do things on your own schedule. You crawled, walked, talked, potty trained on your schedule, not mine. You snuggle all the time, you whisper to me every night before bed that I am your best friend. You also tell me that on a daily basis, a couple times a day. I adore it. You try to talk like a big girl by saying things like… “I’m into Barbies now mommy, just so you know”, “My tummy has a stomach”, “Mommy I feel a little bit chukey” and unfortunately for us you like to sing all the inapporpriate words to Fergie’s Glamorous. You are our little diva, you told me on the way home today from Florida that I have to call you princess now since that’s what they called you there.

I love you Princess. I could go on and on. Maybe I will later, right now I have to go unpack all the toys we bought you in Disneyworld. Love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday.

 PS>> I’ll add pictures tomorrow, the server is giving me problems. Sorry!!!


2 thoughts on “WE’RE BACK!!!

  1. erika says:

    Welcome back, and happy belated birthday to Ms. L! Sounds like you had a blast.

  2. hotomom says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! We definitely had a blast.

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