Works for Me Wednesday – Greatest Hit

I haven’t been doing Works for Me Wednesday for very long but this week it’s a theme wfmwsmall1.jpg“Repost your Greatest Hit WFMW”, I can handle that. Life is crazy and it’s 3:13 pm here and I just realized it’s Wednesday and I haven’t even posted this yet. (SIGH). Anyway here is one of my favorite WFMW posts:

This is for those that are planning or thinking about planning a trip to Disney World. Check out the new Mom’s Panel on the Disney World website. It’s awesome. They answer all kinds of questions… for instance I asked them about the difficulty of getting a stroller onto the different types of transportation. They answered right away. Pretty cool. So if you are planning a trip check it out.

For those of you that don’t know me I am always prepared and right now I have dived deeply into planning our trip with two toddlers. So I am always taking suggestions on how to make it memorable and fun.

Just 6 more days till we leave. I will have a ton of Works for Me Wednesday’s on traveling with toddlers (I HOPE) when I get back. 

Check out everyone else’s greatest hits at Rocks in My Dryer.

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2 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Greatest Hit

  1. Whitney says:

    Oh I am so jealous. Five days to departure.!? I would gladly pack up and leave tomorrow; we just got home from our first trip w/ our 2 year old son.

    Here are a few of our tips. You’ve likely come across some of these already, but here’s what worked for us. You asked about a stoller. We opted for the jogging stroller. SO, SO, SO glad we did. My son napped so well in it, and it was so much easier to push than a small umberella. Yes getting in transportation was a bit tricky but well worth a full day (and night) of relaxing travel for our toddler. Here’s how we made it work. I loaded all our stuff in a large duffel bag that I could stuff in the bottom basket of the stroller. We kept things that we didn’t want to risk getting stolen in a back back that we would wear onto any rides/shows while we parked the stroller. So when we were ready to board a bus I would simply pull out the duffel bag and hold my son while my husband collapsed and carried the stroller.

    I went to a dollar store near us a few days before our trip and got a TON of Disney toys and treats to hand out for the ride down and packed a new surprise for our son everyday. I’d pull it out whenever he was getting restless-Disney figurines, a jump rope, stickers, crayons, coloring books, etc. It saved us several melt-downs! I also got a three pack of bubbles that I would take into the park to blow while we were waiting in line at rides. They were a total hit!!! And at .33 a bottle, I’d just toss them at the end of the day. Oh, and they also have packs of glow bracelets and necklaces 5 for a $1. These were awesome…especially for Fantasmic. I found ponchos for a dollar, and a four pack of carribeaners (sp?) that we used to hook bags and stuff to our stroller.

    Oh I could go on and on (meals, shows, etc), but I’ll spare you. If it’s your first time and you have specific questions just shoot me an email or leave me a message on by blog. Have a magical time!!!


  2. Thanks for this. Just subscribed.

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