Good Day Gone Bad!

It’s a wonderful day outside, sunny and 60’s but despite that not such a great day. Here are some tidbits from my day…

  • Spilled a whole cup of soda on my newly cleaned area rug and on the leg of my jeans.
  • L had a meltdown in the movie store.
  • Sinus infection headache today.
  • Started packing the kids suitcases.
  • Found out I am not allergic to my dogs (woo hoo – wait am I really happy about that)
  • Super tired from staying up late watching some stupid movie JT got me hooked on, I don’t even know what happened at the end, I couldn’t stay up past 12:30 am.
  • L told me she hates me, wants a new mommy and is sick of this (all of this after I yelled at her for pounding her foot on her brother’s hand).
  • L kept throwing socks out of her suitcase (yeah she’s not having a good day, she would be taking a nap currently).
  • Super clumsy today, keep dropping stuff.
I think that’s all of the bad things that have plagued me today, but the day’s not over.

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