Dear Swimsuit,

I would like to have a heart to heart with you. You see we are leaving in 6 days for sunny, warm Florida, which means that I will have to pull you out of the back of my drawer and dust you off once again. This causes me a great deal of pain, you see I have added at least 2 inches of cellulite to my calves and my tummy is not as flat as it was last year or who are we kidding before kids. Could you just remember that we are a team?! Please do not hike up in unexpected areas or fall down when yanked on by said children. Would you please try to cover up any unsightly areas that even my poor, poor husband doesn’t know about because I work really hard at hiding my body all year long and even he doesn’t realize that a whole year has gone by without any exercise (we will blame that on all the sickness’ I’ve had and not pure laziness). Swimsuit, between you and me, let’s keep our fingers crossed that every other mom at the pool looks similar to us. Let’s pray their aren’t any die hard exercising, back down to my before baby weight mom’s at the pool on the day we go. Well wish us luck, good talk. See you in a couple of days.




One thought on “Dear Swimsuit,

  1. What a wondeful post! I think I would write something similar if I was lucky enough to visit Disney World! I hope you have a great time!

    Don’t even let the other women enter your mind. Have fun and wear whatever you please! This is my first year subscribing to this theory, but life is too short to worry about what other people think!

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