The Electric Company

I am currently having trouble with our electric company, they won’t come out and remove a downed line from our yard because it doesn’t belong to them but no one else will remove it either. All of this started me thinking about the old kids show “The Electric Company”. Did you watch this show? I did. It’s hard to believe that my kids will never know what in the world I am talking about. But according to wikipedia, PBS is making a new Electric Company for 2009. Here are some old clips of the show I found on YouTube.

It’s funny how these totally reminded me of sitting on the floor watching this show when I was little. Enjoy!

I forgot Bill Cosby was on the show. Remember Picture Pages.

Did you know Morgan Freeman was on the show. I didn’t! Check out this clip, it’s hilarious.

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3 thoughts on “The Electric Company

  1. Jada Stark says:

    Oh my! Those did bring back memories!!!!! I am enjoying your blog! From one stay at home mother to another ~ Here’s hoping we survive LOL :0)~

  2. hotomom says:

    Wow thanks Jada. That’s sweet of you. I am glad that you enjoy my blog. I’ll come by and check you out sometime.

  3. 4wrdthnkndad says:

    In addition to Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby, academy award winner, Rita Moreno was on the show along with singer Irene Cara, from “Fame.” The show was so far ahead of its time.

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