Fun and busy morning

Today we woke and started our day just as any other day but we had so many places to go before nap time. First we picked up my mom and headed to Sears for Easter pictures. We got some really awesome ones. J actually licked L’s face in one of the pictures, so of course we bought that one :-). Then we picked up my two area rugs. They were going to cost $163.00 but they came in under what they estimated at $103.89. I was so excited. Then we headed to the mall (yeah), had lunch in the food court, got my mom some sunglasses, some new earphones for her iPod and a windbreaker for me. I was beside my self excited about my new windbreaker (cause in case you are new here…. I’m a geek, I get excited about weird things). I like to shop at Eddie Bauer sometimes, anyway I always wanted either one of their windbreaker or a Columbia one. I walked into Eddie Bauer and the jacket I wanted was on sale for $58.00. Originally $80.00. I WAS THRILLED. So I bought one in blue and then also bought one of those Joby Gorillapod’s for my new camera. I am not really sure where I am going to use it or when but I feel cool for owning one. I did use it to take a picture of my new coat.

dscn0480.jpg Ain’t it perty! Here’s a pic of my new Gorillapod.

dscn0476.jpg It looks like a robot or something doesn’t it. It’s pretty strange looking but very handy.

But all in all, I found deals everywhere I went today. That rarely happens.

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