Our Easter in an “egg”shell

We had a very nice and relaxing Easter yesterday. It started at 10:00 with my mom. She came over with the kids Easter baskets and we then gave the kids the baskets from the “Easter bunny”, we ate some yummy breakfast (baked french toast and bacon…. yum, bacon!), my mom and I watched Easter Parade while Jack took a nap, JT watched basketball in the other room.

We left for my aunt and uncles around 2:30 with my brother joining us. We had a lot of fun at their house. The kids were very well behaved and the food was SO YUMMY!!! We had ham and chicken and carrots and noodles and salad, my mouth is watering again. Anyway here are some pictures.

dscn0442.jpg Trying to get one final picture before I take their Easter clothes off, they were sick of posing :-).

dscn0420.jpg We had these huge snowflakes all afternoon, they were beautiful. No accumulation but it was still fun. Although 70 degrees would have been nice too.

dscn0402.jpg Uncle Da is so much fun. He helped the kids eat some of their icing off of their cupcakes. Why they won’t eat the cake part I don’t know.

dscn0371.jpg After our indoor egg hunt. Way too cold outside. They didn’t mind one bit.

3 thoughts on “Our Easter in an “egg”shell

  1. Because the icing is the best part – like chicken skin, ya know ?

  2. bigbinder says:

    I just have to say that you are really kicking a** as a blogger!!

  3. hotomom says:

    WOW!!! Thanks!!

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