Dancing with the Stars

top-hat-mens-dancing.jpg    All I have to say is the big goofy guys won my heart. Come on how could you not love Adam Corolla and Julianne dancing to Mellow Yellow. It stole my heart and they just tore him apart. Then there was Penn Jillette and Kym, he was so cute and tried so hard. I feel sorry for these two guys.

Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl were good but that’s really all I noticed, nothing stopped me dead in my tracks. Jason Taylor and Edyta were just okay as well. I actually have already forgotten the dance. But I don’t think they were bad. Mario and Karina were hot!! I really liked them but who wouldn’t, when a man knows how to dance it’s pretty sexy.

Then there was Steve Guttenberg and Anna, I truly was waiting for him to be horrible but I was pleasantly surprised. He tried his hardest and I was really surprised. I believe Carrie Ann said it best “there’s something adorable about you”. Wow, I am not really sure who should go… it will be sad because I am sure it will be one of the goofy guys.

Did you watch? What do you think? Does Samantha drive anyone else batty? I think she’s a horrible host, but that’s just my opinion, not worth much.

Can’t wait to see the girls tomorrow… my predictions: Marlee Matlin – I bet she is the big winner tomorrow night; Kristi Yamaguchi – think she will do well; Priscilla Presley – I am not really sure, she’s so stiff in person, we’ll see; Monica Seles – I don’t think she will do very well; Marissa Jaret Winokur – I predict she will do pretty well, she has a little experience; and Shannon Elizabeth – I bet she’s a little awkward on the dance floor.

Love this show can’t wait to see tomorrow night.


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