Revisiting the 80s

I am laying in bed simply thinking about my day because the the movie I am watching, Far From Heaven is a bit slow. I can’t seem to get into the movie and I am also waiting for the Benadryl I took earlier to kick in and drift me off to sleep. It’s only fitting that my allergies become unbearable since the flu left our domain.

Anyway I was thinking about a conversation that my friend at House of Primates and I were having while our daughters were dancing today. She mentioned that fanny packs are making a come back. Seriously, fanny packs! If you do a google search it’s a pretty hot topic, here are some articles I found:

This is definitely one trend I won’t be following. The other reason I have to laugh hysterically is because I am heading to the “land of fanny packs” (Disneyworld) and there is a lot to carry when you go with young children especially if they are still in diapers (don’t you ever feel like a pack mule) so I understand the functionality of a fanny pack but would never commit the social suicide among my friends by attaching one to my waist. Therefore I researched the perfect bag to carry while in Disneyworld and frankly every day of my life and this is what I came up with… The Overland Equipment Donner Shoulder bag in celery. It’s fantastic! I have used it everyday since it arrived on my doorstep. So I guess in my own little way I am geeked out about a bag, it’s just not a fanny pack.

Since we can’t do polls here at WordPress, tell me what you think, leave a comment with the number that represent your style/opinion.

Would you wear a fanny pack?

  1. NO way! They belong in the smithsonian, not on my hips.
  2. Sure, why not, who couldn’t use all that storage at your fingertips.
  3. Maybe if I could grab one of the super chic ones from the NY runways.

Thanks for playing along.

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2 thoughts on “Revisiting the 80s

  1. erika says:

    The thing is, fanny packs can only be ‘ironic’ if you don’t remember them being popular the first time around… or if you don’t know anyone who still uses one (cough*motherinlaw*cough).

    Your new bag is cool, H, even if it is a glorified Buxton organizer. 😉

  2. hotomom says:

    Ah the Buxton organizer. I see one in your future, because you know, you will never lose your cell phone again. 🙂

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