Reality TV Hypnosis

  • Project Runway is over, I am sad. I was really happy when Chrisitian won, he’s “fierce”.
  • Top Chef started yesterday, YEAH!! Can’t wait especially with Anthony Bourdain on there.
  • Big Brother is awful this year. I even cancelled my DVR timer.
  • American Idol is really good so far, this is the first year I have kept up with the show.
  • Make Me a Supermodel is addictive and stupid 🙂 sorry. I hope that Ben wins.
  • Watched some Survivor it’s pretty interesting. I usually don’t watch this show anymore but with nothing else on I gave it a chance again.
  • Here Come the Newlyweds is my new favorite show. Does anyone else love Dana and Steve Krashin, they crack me up. But the other awesome couple to beat is Crystal and Johnnie Moutra. Johnnie is hilarious and Crystal takes it all in stride.
  • Oprah’s Big Give is okay, I like the concept but it’s getting a tad bit annoying.
  • Dancing with the Stars is going to start soon and will be waltzing into my heart again.
  • Let us not forget Jon & Kate Plus 8, if you read here often you know I “heart” this show.
  • Tori & Dean: Inn Love, I found this guilty little pleasure one day while the kids were napping but come on Oxygen how about some new episodes. (psst, did you know she’s prego again, awesome, that’ll make for some good tv)

I think that about does it for my Reality TV Hypnosis. Actually I believe TV in general for me is a form of hypnosis. I should be scrapbooking my children’s momentous lives not vegging on the couch, I need to get up and stop watching this crap… yeah I’ll think about doing that tomorrow, where’s my remote?

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