My very first movie review

The reason I say it’s my very first, simply put I don’t do the whole going out to the movies thing. Not because I don’t want too but because I don’t have the time or frankly the money. But tonight I was thrilled to go to the movies with my mom.

We saw Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. It was delightful. Nice and refreshing, fun, funny miss-pettigrew.jpgand I left with a smile. I highly recommend it for any woman who has had a bad day or just a little down in the face. It was very entertaining, which is all I am looking for in a movie. I don’t need to think about who the killer is nor do I want to carry a dictionary into a movie in order to understand what they are saying. I “had” a friend that would make fun of me incessantly because I didn’t take an interest in his type of movies, instead I full heartedly admit I like the fluff. I like the smiles and laughs. I do not however enjoy the price I need to pay in order to enjoy said fluff. Therefore, I probably wouldn’t expect another movie review any time soon unless it comes from the movie store. (Although I am currently trying to persuade JT to take the kids and I to see Horton Hears A Who, I probably won’t win this battle because he doesn’t think the kids will sit still for the whole thing and he doesn’t want to waste the money, etc. etc.)

By the way, my new favorite pasttime at the movies: WINE!!!! Say hello to pino, goodbye to cola.


2 thoughts on “My very first movie review

  1. How exactly do you get to drink wine at the movies? Do you sneak it in or what? 🙂

  2. hotomom says:

    Oooh it’s a lovely new concept here at a couple of theaters. They serve it along with beer right next to the Raisinets and Popcorn.

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