Works for Me Wednesday – All for the Sake of Entertainment

#1 I totally do not condone driving while distracted… #2 I yurn for some entertainment in my car besides the children’s movies the kids watch.wfmwsmall1.jpg

All that being said, my Works for Me Wednesday tip: I bought an iPod Armband/Cover and strapped it to my steering wheel, I place my iPod in the armband and put one earphone in my left ear, only one because this way I can hear the kids or emergency sirens, the key is not to turn it up very loud, I still want to hear their conversations but I also get a dose of music/entertainment if you will. I don’t do it very often with the kids in the car, because a conversation with them is way more fun but I do it all the time when they aren’t in the car or asleep (I don’t have a car plug-in for my iPod so this is the next best thing). It’s also placed so that I don’t take my eyes off of the road, I can wait until I stop at a light to change anything but the best part is that it’s directly across from my radio controls so it’s in a comfortable place for me.

One tip to keep in mind… don’t leave the headphone plugged in if you don’t have them in your ear… they can get wrapped around your steering wheel while trying to park your car, not that this happened to me 🙂

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*UPDATE* Here’s a picture I took today (not while I was driving)…. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – All for the Sake of Entertainment

  1. I’m too nervous to have headphones (even one) in while I’m driving, but since my husband’s car doesn’t have a cassette player (which is how I use my iPod in my minivan), I sometimes bring along my speakers for the iPod that I got for listening to it at home and our converting thingee that we can plug in to the lighter and then plug in things that need an outlet. I have a solo trip coming up, so I’m totally planning to do that again.

  2. Jen says:

    I started plugging mine in when the kids were on a “Air Buddies” movie kick. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that movie, but never seen it! Then I bought one of those speakers so I could clean the kitchen while listening to my favorites, and I always forget to put it back in the car. I told my hubby I need a new IPod touch so I can have one for the house and the car. He’s not understanding my issue! Do you like your Touch, and any problems or complaints with it?

  3. hotomom says:

    For me the endless Wiggles DVDs are enough to drive me to insanity. 🙂 I do really like my IPod Touch the only problem (because I have a tad bit of OCD) the fingerprints all over the place, but you get over it quickly. It’s easier for me to use than the original ipods (I’ve never owned one of those but my mom has one). Good luck in persuading your husband, it’s worth it to me.

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