I’m giddy with anticipation

Spring is in the air, it’s a lovely 69 degrees outside today and frankly I want to be outside right now. I took the kids out this afternoon for some bubble blowing and running about and frankly as my title stated I am giddy with anticipation. I can’t wait to be able to do this every day. Every year I try to take in every day spring gives us because it’s just beautiful. The feeling of being able to leave your coat at home, the flowers springing to life again, the trees regaining their leaves plus that all so yummy spring smell.

Here are some pictures of our adventures outside today.

dscn0112.jpgThis picture cracks me up, I bought these flower pinwheels at the dollar store today and they are so cute in the front yard but the part that cracks me up… the snow right next to them.

Here is a picture of the kids blowing bubbles. I love those tiny bubble containers that don’t allow drips and are small enough for each of them to blow the bubbles by themselves.

dscn0107-2.jpg Last but not least a cute picture of them playing follow the leader. So cute, they can play so well together sometimes and then other times, oh man do they hate each other. That’s why I take these pictures, I need proof that they are well behaved and get along. 🙂


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