This morning J was up at 6:45 (really 5:45)

L woke up shortly after that around 7:00 (really 6:00)

We had a PAT visit at 9:00, the most fun I had all day (really 8:00)

Ate lunch at 11:30 (really 10:30)

Took naps at 2:00 (really 1:00)

Put kids down at 8:30 (really 7:30) so L was up until 9:45 (really 8:45)

Now it’s 10:28 (really 9:28) and I’m so sleepy I can barely type this….

You get the idea! Don’t get me wrong, I love the extra hour of sun in the evening instead of the morning but we are all screwed up. Plus getting over the flu STILL! Grant me serenity now please Lord. Bed here I come (I will be springing forward into my bed) 🙂


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