My Ode to Crocs

I buy my kids at least 2 pairs of crocs a year. Last year L had 3 pairs (a pink cayman pair, crocs.jpga red mary jane pair and a light blue mary jane pair) and J had 3 pairs (a navy blue pair of scutes, a blue cayman pair and a khaki cayman pair), a little excessive yes but what wonderful shoes. The kids could wear them outside and not worry about them getting wet or muddy. If they did you could just wash them off. They are so durable, perfect pool shoes, come in tons of yummy colors to match all their outfits and have lovely accessories you can stick in the holes called jibbitz. It’s like walking into a candy store, if you have a sweet tooth.

Unfortunately you can only buy them online and at those small kiosks in the mall. I saw a commercial for Show Me St. Louis last week that was going to tell you about a store that sells them but I didn’t catch the show and I am now wondering where it was, if anyone knows I would be highly interested…

Anyway, JT used to make fun of me because I went out and bought a light blue pair of beach and a pair of white (pearl) athens flip flops. He thought I had gone crocs crazy, I truly had, but he didn’t understand how comfortable they are and for someone like me with nightly knee pain, they are a true blessing in the summer. I had my mother convinced she bought two pairs of athens flip flops for work, I had my brother convinced, he bought a pair of caymans but I had to convert JT. So I bought him a pair of scutes for his birthday and bought some Illini jibbitz and he was sold. Now he wears them every night around the house (he has this thing for not being barefoot or even just walking around in socks, he has to have shoes on). SOLD!!!

crocs-2.jpg So why am I talking about crocs from last year? Well the kids outgrew all of theirs so I was looking on-line for what colors and types I would get them this year. I will not, and highly reccomend that you not buy your young daughters the mary janes styles (unless you have different experiences than us) but poor L suffered from severe blisters on the sides of her feet last summer, no matter how often she wore them she would get a blister. These are the only pair I have run across that aren’t the greatest. But, today I kept adding pairs to my cart and I ended up with $300.00 worth of shoes in there. Can you believe how my addiction has gotten out of control? Never fear I did not purchase them, seriously, if I had $300.00 I wouldn’t be buying JUST crocs, I would work some new clothes in there too, in fact I took a step back and haven’t purchased any thus far because I need to be practical and not dive into the plethera of colors and types quite yet. But I did discover some fantastic new styles like Capri Canvas (so yummy in the white/chocolate for me) Alice Kids (gotta have them in red for L) and finally the Otter Kids (in chocolate/mango for J). I know there are TON of croc haters out there, but I’m just not one of them I just can’t wait to get mine this year, like I said I’m a kid in a candy store.

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2 thoughts on “My Ode to Crocs

  1. Laurie says:

    The website has a store locator. Here in PA I see them in Dick’s Sporting Goods, albeit a limited number of styles.

  2. […] and I have something to go with them. Many of you regular readers (all 5 of you) might remember my croc obsession post earlier this year. Yeah it truly is bad. I took a picture of my new shoes just so I could post about […]

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