My favorite sextuplets

Jon & Kate Plus 8 was on tonight and it’s just the cutest show, I can’t say enough about it and now I love that it’s on for an hour (two episodes back to back).

Tonight’s second episode was so funny. When she told Jon to quit breathing so heavy I was cracking up, she is one tough cookie but reminds me of myself. But this episode wasn’t about Jon’s breathing it was about the little ones getting the… FLU!! You know the same one I have been complaining about for two weeks. (UPDATE: J is still not up to par yet) Poor Kate, could you imagine, I can barely deal with my two having the flu at the same time and she had to stagger all six having it. My heart goes out to her, and she does it all by herself.

If you watch the show, don’t you wish someone would come to your house and do the folding, ironing and putting away of your laundry. To me that is the worst part of chores. Although I would do all the laundry if someone would come and clean my house once a week for me. I would happily do the laundry.

Anyway, I love watching this show and can’t wait for it every week. Won’t it be nice when all of our shows are back. Wow, I’ll feel so lazy, like a sponge soaking up the TV time.


3 thoughts on “My favorite sextuplets

  1. sara says:

    hi i watch this show every timw it is on and love it!!! i dont know how jon ad kate do it thow.

  2. Susan says:

    I never miss this show. Those are THE cutest kids ever. My cousin and his wife have 18 month old triplets. We just got back from visiting them and when my daughter and I (she’s 17) looked in the garage I said to her, “Look!! It’s Jon & Kate’s garage!!” LOL My cousin’s wife said she has no idea how she does it and after spending the weekend with 18 month old triplets, I give her even more credit than I did before. She’s doing a phenomenal job with those kids. Parenting does NOT come with a handbook and I hate those “other” sites that have people bashing Kate and Jon on their parenting or anything else. Walk a mile in their shoes, people…see how sane..or SOBER…’d be.

  3. Mama Les says:

    I love Jon & Kate plus 8. I agree -they are my favorite sextuplets too! My husband thinks I am obsessed w/the show!! (which I am). All of us, (moms) need to feel like we arent going crazy!

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