Back from the Dead – Stories About The Flu

no-flu.jpgFlu, Flu Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day! Here’s a rough time-line of my weekend from hell. Read with caution.


Thursday – I posted earlier about L being sick and having to miss her special school date with Daddy.

Friday – everyone seemed fine, L was a little weak and still had diarrhea.

Saturday – I woke up at 12:00 am sicker than a dog (whatever that means) I was really sick, the kind that makes you want to repeatedly poke your eye out instead of dry heaving with diarrhea. JT woke up with the kids, about 11:30 am JT came in and said that he had an upset stomach, he started throwing up & had diarrhea, then at 12:00 pm J started throwin up with diarrhea. SO that was everyone but L – JT called it a puke/poop-a-thon. So my hero, my mother came to our rescue and took care of J while I napped on the couch, JT slept in the bedroom and L (bless her heart) entertained herself. My brother, whom I usually bitch about, was sweet enough to run out and get us some more Sprite, isn’t that sweet? I thought so. L threw up again on Saturday night but I think it was power of suggestion, you know everyone else is doing it so why not me.

Sunday – we pulled the sofa bed out and we all slept and watched TV all day.

Today – JT went to work, J is completely better, eating and drinking back to normal. L still has diarrhea (since Thursday) and I am weak. It’s probably because as of this morning…. I have rolled up our area rug, vaccumed half of the house, sprayed all the toys with Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Spray, washed all the toy room shelves with soap and water, sprayed the house with Lysol (doorknobs, phones, remotes, etc.), cleaned out the dishwasher, made lunch and cleaned up the kitchen. I usually don’t accomplish this much on a normal day, let alone the day after the flu.

So, I am going to put the kids down for naps and conveniently slip into a dream like state. Next year not a one of us will be skipping the flu shot. We have been sick off and on since before Christmas. Flu, it’s time for you to go.


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