It’s a sad, sad day for our little buckaroo

Free Smiley Face Courtesy of L woke up this morning at exactly 1:00 am, she needed to go potty but was still very whiny, I put her back in her bed and went to bed myself. Woke up like 5 minutes later to her screaming, she was gagging in her bed. We run to the bathroom and she says “no mommy I ok”. I asked her if she wanted to sleep with us and of course the answer was yes. She slept for a whole 20 minutes when she threw up, luckily I was listening for it and was able to grab a trash can (so I salvaged our bed) but from then on she was up every hour until 7:00 am. She got up and moved to the couch and continued to be sick all morning long. I was able to keep a little sprite in her tummy and she took an hour nap, she was a little better after the nap but still not our L.

Needless to say I had to call her teacher and her and Daddy missed Western Daddy Night at school. It broke my heart, there would be no red cowboy boots worn by L or Daddy in his special (borrowed) cowboy hat, she was so excited and her class had even learned a special song for the occasion. Why do these things happen at the wrong times? I guess it becomes a life lesson about disappointment but I wish it had happened tomorrow, I don’t have plans tomorrow. Poor thing. The craziest part there was no fever so we think it was food poisoning. Here’s hoping that she is able to sleep through the night.

I hope it’s not the flu again… I have had it twice since Christmas (still have a cough), JT has had it once, J had it once and now for L, if it is the flu and not food poisoning, it’s twice for her. Could we get a little break, please?!


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