Works for Me Wednesday – Breaking up Fights and Hitting

I had to think long and hard for a topic today. Finally one came to me. My son has taken to hitting lately with anything that he is holding and my daughter is always the target. wfmwsmall2.jpgWhat I have come up with is a time out for that toy. He’s too little for time-outs and they just haven’t been working when I try them with him so the toy gets a timeout and I set a timer, when the timer goes off he has to say he is sorry and then he can have the toy back. This is usually only one or two minutes and the entire time he is screaming and crying but I am trying my best with him, I just talk him through the minute or two. The second thing I do for the fight over the same toy… I bring out the timer again. Each kid gets 15 to 20 minutes with the toy. This usually ends all fights and they forget about what the timer is for after the second turn. Usually by then they are sharing nicely.

These tips are all I could come up with this week. Check out more WFMW tips at Rocks in my Dryer.


2 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Breaking up Fights and Hitting

  1. erika says:

    When a toy goes into timeout at my house, it goes into the top of my closet. And it stays there until six months later when I’m digging out a sweater and it falls and hits me on the head.

    Your way seems better for some reason (she says as she rubs the knot on the back of her head…)

  2. hotomom says:

    You’re too funny. Trust me we have gone a day without noticing the toy so that’s why I came up with the timer. That way I don’t forget 🙂

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