This show is getting on my nerves

Sunday Night Thoughts: 

Okay this season is really driving me crazy. I am catching up, so right now I am watching Sunday’s episode. I can barely watch it. Jen thinks that she is above everyone, Allison is such a drama queen and she changes her tune to match whomever she is surrounded by and I cannot stand her.

Last year the drama was funny, at least I thought so. So far this year it’s just too stupid. Now Sheila and Allison are trying to convince Joshuah that they are lesbians, come on this is just ridiculous, not the lesbian part, cause I could care less if it were true, but they’re making up a lie because they think it’s going to get them farther. These people have all lost their minds. I believe that this season could be salvaged if everyone would just start playing the game for themselves instead of couples. I feel sorry for Ryan (he seems like a normal dude). So why when they were nominated did Jen just hug Parker and not Ryan right away and then her snarky comments in the diary room about Ryan going home… Lord help me continue to watch this show!!! Please, let me have strength (that’s just a little humor, I wouldn’t really pray for that).


See the problem here is Parker is a good guy (at least I thought so, now I think he’s kind of a hot head) why should he go down because Jen is an idiot. I know, I know, it’s the game. Here’s another thing… How come everyone has to swear on their dead grandmother or poor deceased father? Do you really think that it’s appropriate? Not with this bunch. These people are now convincing themselves that there are more relationships in the house. Told you, lost their minds.

Does Amanda’s voice bother anyone else? Does all the drama irrate anyone else? Like it’s not even fun drama, it’s annoying drama. We are half way into the show and we haven’t even had a competition, we’ve just had fights. OMG now Alex and Amanda are fighting and it’s because he is yelling at her because she is a S*-L*-U*-T. Dude, didn’t you just meet her a couple of days ago and you are yelling at her like you’ve been dating for months. Now let’s pause a moment to add the green monster to the mix, that’s right jealousy. It seems that Alex is extremely jealous. Seriously!!!! Does anyone like each other in this house? I am watching the spinning heart competition and thinking to myself SHUT UP JEN!!! Parker is doing the best he can and then she tells him to “pull himself together we aren’t going out like that”, geez louise. Jen is a pain in the butt!  So everyone hates everyone because they all just fight all the time.

 My prediction for Thursday Jen and Parker are going home. We’ll see if I’m right. I am sorry for this evenings play by play but this show is usually my absolute favorite show and right now I can’t stand it!! It’s so annoying.


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