The craziest storm I have ever seen

The other day (Monday) I dropped my husband off at work downtown and commented to him that the sky looked really dark towards the west (it was nice and sunny where we were), he said something to the effect of yeah we are expecting “flurries”. Oh okay, flurries, that’s cool. So, we drop him off (cause in case you didn’t know we only have one car) and head back towards the highway, we were going to my mom’s. I get in the turn lane to get on the highway and have to wait a few minutes. In that few minutes the skies got dark (like someone threw a switch) and suddenly it started snowing so hard that I couldn’t see in front of me. The car was shaking violently because of the wind, my kids were screaming in fear. It was insane!!

So I get on the highway and make my way the whole 5 miles I have to go to get to my moms and I am only going like 20 miles an hour because it’s slick out and people all around me are freaking out and the snow is starting to accumulate. I call my mom (I know it was really safe of me to get on the phone while in this storm, don’t worry we made it) and she is like coaching me to just go slow and it’s going to end soon. I get off the highway at our exit and it’s still crazy snowing (there’s no other name for it) and I get to my mom’s and we are sitting on her couch and just like that the snow stops and the sun comes out! I kid you not. Talk about freaky! All I could do was laugh, even now, all I can do is laugh. The snow that accumulated was gone within the hour. I wish I had my camera with me.


One thought on “The craziest storm I have ever seen

  1. Michelle says:

    Sounds like the weather in Florida! Raining on one block and sunshine down the street! 🙂

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