Some advice

I would love some advice from those novice Walt Disney World goers… if you will. I am taking my 2 1/2 year old boy, who is pretty high maintenance and my 4 year old girl, to Disney World. I need some tips, can you help?

  1. Do you think Pirates of the Caribbean is too scary for them? My son LOVES pirates. But they have never seen the movie. They love the Peter Pan pirates (we’ll definitely do that ride).
  2. Is Stitch’s Great Escape too scary for them? They are in LOVE with Lilo & Stitch as I stated in an earlier post here.
  3. Is Soarin’ too scary for them to ride?
  4. Does anyone have any tips on keeping the kids relaxed on our trip? We have a DVD player but even they get sick of that from time to time.

I just can’t seem to make up my mind about these rides and if the kids will enjoy them or scare the C-R-A-P out of them. I would appreciate anything anyone can give me on any of the above questions. I have read up on these attractions and I just feel like I can’t get a straight answer. One book says yes and another says no. What do you think?

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